Exploration can also actively shape their surroundings. To do this, in the course are the mechanisms of influence on the mass consciousness and the mechanisms of influence on the mind of the individual. And here it starts directly from the intersection of competitive intelligence functions of the Service PR. After all, PR as a function of the enterprise – this is also a way to change the reality and impact on people in the interests of business. It would seem that competitive intelligence service PR and marking at the same site and duplicate each other? Apparently not.

PR service and CI companies do not competitive intelligence compete but complement each other. About the same as complementary surface ships and submarines in the fleet. PR service in public, it is visible, it can work with the public. PR office can communicate with journalists and with the authorities directly. In this publicity is its power, but it is and its weakness.

CI operates mainly in secret, her communication with journalists, government officials, customers, the company, its contractors or its competitors is usually through other people, or under cover (in permitted by law and ethics within a particular society).

Thus, competitive intelligence closer to all the other structures of the company stands for the so-called “active measures” – action based on strategic and tactical deception, bluffing, manipulating public opinion, whose main task – in a controlled change in the attitude of the task force to the company.

Competitive intelligence at the expense of their skills, personal contacts and working methods can significantly enhance “surface portion” of the enterprise to change the information space, the ongoing PR-service.

There is another problem, which I would like to draw attention. This footage. Do I need to bring to the implementation of competitive intelligence staff functions of PR-service company or need to hire them on the side?

Education specialist active service PR methods of competitive intelligence takes two to five days, after which he is quite able to solve many common problems faced by the enterprise in the context of the PR. However, for two to five days, it is impossible to prepare a universal expert. Therefore, in complex cases will still require the involvement of experts in outsourcing. True PR-service employee is trained in competitive intelligence, does not waste time on futile attempts to solve their own problems that he “is not too tough.” He is usually able to quickly understand what the issue is beyond its capabilities.Just as important, he knows what kind of specialist is needed to solve his problem.

As a rule, involve outside specialists is necessary, when required expertise, relatively rare among people in business: for example, operational expertise or analytical work experience in a competitive non-economic methods or experience against criminal groups. Sometimes, given that among PR professionals a lot of people with education in the humanities, you may need counseling or direct involvement of technical experts.

Because of these sensitive issues are not only attracted to outsourcing skills man, but his personal qualities – such as honesty, ability to keep secrets, integrity, key “personnel center” for the selection of these people are professional associations of competitive intelligence professionals.