Need for durability and design has created a whole range of new age material that is being used in furniture designing. But wooden furniture, particularly oak, remains a top choice among many who can afford it. Oak wood is commonly used in manufacturing dining tables Real Wood Dining Table due to its strength and resistance to fungal and insect attack. It is considered a durable wood that can withstand time and rough usage without much maintenance from its owner. With its unique attractive grain marking, it gives a very classic look to extending dining tables.

An extending dining table is preferred by many as its size can be adjusted according to your need. You may not need a big dining table for everyday use but if you plan to throw a weekend party or call your relatives for Christmas dinner, your small size table doesn’t solve the purpose. And, that’s when we realize the significance of extending dining tables. There are many different designs of these extending oak tables that one can choose from. The commonly adopted mechanism involves inserting two extension plates under the main table top that can be opened when you pull the two ends of the table lengthwise. The process of extending the table is easy and requires no extra strength or effort.

It is true that urbanization and the ever rising realty prices have forced us to reside in smaller abodes where we can choose only small pieces of furniture but can it also force us to have a smaller number of friends and relatives? I don’t need to answer this obvious question. Therefore, a dining table that is versatile enough to accommodate extra people when needed and can be squeezed back when not required is an important innovation.

Oak wood extending tables are easy to maintain as any other wood furniture. A periodic polish in every four to six months will keep its shine forever. Proper care should be taken not to keep anything too hot on it or spill anything wet as it may spoil the upper coat of the table. Oak wood extending tables come in different sizes, styles and make. It is considered slightly expensive compared to other materials and different brands costs differently. One can get a comparative study of various make and design through online search. All the designs, sizes, prices and mechanisms are available online for viewing via image and/or video.